Ink on paper? Never heard of it...

You focus on your art, we'll focus on streamlining your business.


Build professionalism and credibility, while maintaining your unique edge.


SMS & Email Reminders

Sick of customers not showing up! That can be a thing of the past with your automated SMS & Email Reminders.

More than reminders

Automated SMS & Email reminders give your parlour that polished and organised feel.

Confirmations & Replies

Make it super easy for customers to confirm their appointment or ask a question!

Need a touch up?

It’s been a few months since their last tattoo, we’ll send them a message to consider booking in again 😉

Set and Forget

While you’re in the chair, you don’t want to be thinking about if your next appointment will show up. Leave that to us.


Online Booking 24/7/365

You should be able to choose where and how your customers book in with you to organise their next ink, not be tied to a phone at the end of the day.

Keep It In Your Brand

Tattoo artists are visual people, customise your online booking site to your unique brand and vision.

A Bot That Books?

If you love your current website, why not include Ovatu's sexy little booking bot to prompt your customers to make a booking without ever leaving the page.

Your Schedule, Your Choice

Choose what days you want specific artists to be available for booking and set specific pricing for their service.

Save Tons of Time

No more phone-calls at the end of a hard day…you can take bookings while you're on the beach, having a beer or enjoying a cuppa!

More Flexibility. More Devices

A busy parlour means busy admin.You need a system that allows you to do it anywhere and on any device.

At a Cafe? In Bed? Overseas?

Wherever you are, you can make decisions as if you're in the salon. All your information accessible remotely.

Device Magic

With apps on iOS, Android and Web you can choose the device that best suits your parlour. Or have them all at once!

Employee Permissions

Control the information your employees see with their own personalised account access. Secure, safe and portable.

Employee Access

Multiple employees using one front desk device? No worries, set up a pin system to enable fast user switching.


Reporting. Designed For Tattoo Artists

Access to all essential data in simple, easy to read reports means you can make meaningful business decisions without fuss.

Revenue By Employee

Split revenue by employees and services and develop a holistic understanding of your business.

You're Visual, So Are We!

We like it when you can visualise data in simple to read pie charts and graphs.

Self Employed? Tax Is A Breeze

At the end of the year, simply export your data ready to hand straight over to your accountant!

Good Month. Amazing Month!

Use our date range filters to more accurate measure your success.


Get to know your customers

With a comprehensive customer file you can pick up where you left off. Make your customer feel like you know them (even if you don't 😉)

Their History. One Location

See individual customers entire history with your business, accessible in one place.

Photo Upload

Need to save some designs or progress for an ongoing customer? Simply snap a photo and upload for later!

Notes That Give Insight

Take those simple notes on each customer so that when they next come in, it will be like they never left!

Let’s Get Loyal

All of your customers loyalty points, credits, previous sales and data readily available the moment you need it.

Access Information Anywhere, Anytime

Alfred Street Tattoo found a way to streamline information between contractors.

Customer reviews

We're proud of our 5 Star Product Rating on Capterra. Here's a few...

Ovatu is the reason my company functions so easily in a paperless system! I absolutely love Ovatu!

Ovatu literally allows me to run my company. It is an affordable price for a small business like my own and I cannot recommend it highly enough

— Serina V.

Best business decision I"ve ever made!

Fully customizable, easy to add services, tons of automated marketing, and the ability to send SMS messages. My guests rave about the ease of use of the online booking integration.

— Rachel P.

Streamlined my business! Been a loyal user for 4 year now and could never go back!

Very user friendly, I picked it up right away, no tricky learning curve. Super easy to customise by adding your services and prices. Excellent reminder system, sends out reminder email 48hrs before to minimise no shows.

— Cat E.

Great software for my busy salon, easy to use & EXCELLENT customer service!!

My staff can also use the software with ease and my customers regularly tell me what a great addition online booking is. Life can be hectic but thanks to Ovatu you can book with ease 24/7.

— Claire R.

My business is more successful Due to My personalised booking system, Ovatu

Clients all receive automatic appointment booking confirmations, reminders and any changes made to date or time, via email and/or text which saves a lot of manual time. Has made my "no" shows" a thing of the past!

— Lisa M.

Brilliant customer service, almost 24/7 care. AND the system works perfectly for me.

I really like how attentive the support team are. The system works really well, simple to use and navigate but when you dig deeper, there are so many more uses for the system, like reporting, tracking sale etc.

— Kim C.

Excellent, reliable faultless easy to use system

It has saved our company many hours and cut down our missed appointments by around 90%. Again saving on costs. It has also made us look much more professional and slick.

— Lee H.

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