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Taking customer payments. Why it pays to have multiple options…

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by Nancy Sunday, 12 Apr 2020

Money. Humans seem to hate talking about it. So let’s talk about how you can collect it! 

Let me rephrase that; can we talk about how to make it easier to receive and track your customers payments?


Why is this important? 

When a customer hands over their hard-earned money to you, they have shown a level of trust in your business. 

If you can make the process simple and easy for them, they will be more inclined to trust you as a business.


This comes down to options and convenience. 

As a business, you need to have the full ability to take customers payments in whatever way is convenient for them… 

Is this cash? Is it Stripe? PayPal? Gift Card? 

The answer…it’s sales made super simple. We have worked hard to integrate with as many payment providers as possible. To give you and your customers options to pay how suits them.


Think outside the box 

It’s not just about how payment exchanges hands at the front desk or online. It’s important to think about: 

-       Passes; e.g a set of 5 yoga sessions

-       Promotional or discount vouchers to entice interest

-       Gift cards to promote payment now for a later service 

Ultimately, creating options creates more opportunity to build trust with your customers. 

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