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How do I sell a Pass? (Customer file view)

A Pass can be sold to a Customer in 2 ways:

You must first have created the Pass Type, see How do I create a Pass Type?

To sell a Pass from the Customer file, choose Manage > Customer > List 

Click on the Customer's name to open their file

Click on the list icon on the Passes section

Click +Add Pass to add a new Pass to this Customer

Select a Pass from the list of existing Pass Types

Click Save

Create a Sale by clicking the Shopping Trolley Icon 

Here you can:

  1. Add any other Product, Pass, Gift Card, or Customer Credit to the Sale
  2. Apply a Discount
  3. Add a Payment

You can also choose to:

  • Email the Sale to the Customer using the Send Email Checkbox
  • Print the Sale using the Print checkbox

Click Pay to add Payment to the Sale 

When you have completed the Sale, choose Close Sale