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Business Summary Report Explained

The Business Summary Report is a summary of Reservation data for a specified time period.

Please note: The Business Summary Report does not contain data on Sales or Payments. This is contained in the Sales Report and the Payments Report.

This report can be accessed from the Menu by tapping Reporting > Business Summary

The Business Summary Report can be filtered by a pre-set time period, or date, as well as by Employee

To filter by time period, tap directly on today's date displayed at the top of the screen

You can use the < > arrows to jump to the days before or after today's date


Tap the Calendar icon in the top-right corner for a different date

Then tap on the drop down arrow and select from either Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly to view Business Summary data for that time period

To filter by Employee, tap Employee in the Filters section, which displays your Employee list

Tap on the relevant Employee name to view Business Summary data for that Employee

Leaving the Employee filter set to None displays Business Summary data for ALL of your Employees

The data displayed in the Business Summary Report is explained below:


The Summary section is a breakdown of all Re-bookings; Cancellations, Check-ins and No-Shows for Reservations within the reporting period

The Rebookings figures in the reports are only triggered when a booking is made by opening an existing booking, clicking on the Rebook button and selecting one of the future weeks


Tap View cancelled Reservations to open your account in the web app showing a list of all reservations tagged as Cancelled during the reporting period

Tap View no-show Reservations to open your account in the web app showing a list of all reservations tagged as No-shows during the reporting period


The Services section is a breakdown of Reservation data by Service within the reporting period


The Employees section is a breakdown of Reservation data by Employee within the reporting period

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