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How do I modify specific dates on the Roster?

The Roster is pre-populated with working and Break times set in the Normal Hours Roster

The Roster page is used to edit working and Break times for specific date(s)

To view/modify the Roster, tap Roster

Here you can view the Roster for the current week, as well as other weeks using the Calendar and left/right arrows

If you have the fortnightly option enabled for an Employee, that Employee will have an A or B tag next to their name indicating which week you're viewing

To modify, tap on the Employee name

Here you can make changes to working hours and Breaks for specific date(s)

Tap Done when finished to save the changes

Any dates with different working or Break times to the Normal Hours settings, will be marked with an orange Override dot on the Roster page:

To remove a Roster override tap on the Employees name and then on the Override (x) label

You can print and email your Roster by tapping on the Action icon:

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