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How do I add a Payment to a Sale?

To add a Payment to a Sale, first Create a new Sale or edit an existing Sale

Payments can also be added to Sales in the Checkout screen ( How do I checkout a Reservation?)

Add a payment by tapping the green + icon > Add Payment

The Amount field will be pre-filled with the outstanding Sale amount but can be overridden

Select a payment method from the Add Payment box:


On the right-hand side of the Sale screen, scroll down to the Payments Short Cut buttons in the Payments section:

Payment MethodDescription


To add a Cash payment, enter the cash amount received and tap the Cash button

The system will ask Are you ready to save and close this sale? 



To process Stripe Payments in-store, please connect your Stripe account (see How do I connect my Stripe account?

Enter the required amount and tap Stripe

Tap Charge Saved Card
Enter Card Details then tap the card on the reader when ready

PayPal Here

To process PayPal Here payments, please connect your PayPal Here card reader (See How do I connect my PayPal Here card reader?)

To add a PayPal Here payment, enter the required amount and tap PayPal Here

Tap or swipe the card when ready


To process Square payments, please connect your Square reader (See How do I connect my Square card reader?

To add a Square payment, enter the required amount and tap Square

Tap the card on the reader when ready

Customer Credit

If the Customer has available Customer Credit, this will appear on the Customer Credit button

To add a Customer Credit payment, tap the Customer Credit button > YES, CLOSE to close the sale 
Customer Credit button > NO to return to the open sale

Gift Card

To pay for a Sale with a Gift Card the Customer must have a valid Gift Card on file, see How do I sell a Gift Card? 

To add a Gift Card payment, tap on the Gift Card button and tap the relevant card from the the Select Gift Card box

Tap YES, CLOSE to close the sale or NO to return to the open sale

Loyalty Points

If a Customer has accumulated Loyalty Points, these will appear on the Loyalty Points button. To add a Loyalty Points payment, tap the Loyalty Points button

If the customer has accrued enough points to pay for the sale fully, just tap PAY
Edit the amount accordingly, tap PAY and return to the open sale to proceed with the remaining payment


To add a Custom payment method, tap on the green Add + button, enter in the name of your desired payment in the Custom Payment box (eg 'Payment Terminal', 'Credit Card'), and tap OK

PLEASE NOTE: Once created, a Custom Payment can not be edited or removed. If not used for 30 consecutive days, the Custom Payment will disappear from the system

When closing a Sale you can select whether or not you would like to send a Your Recent Sale notification/receipt email to your Customer, by checking/un-checking the Send Email box

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