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How do I add Customer Credit to a Customer?

There are two ways to add Customer Credit to a Customer:

  1. Via a Sale, by adding Customer Credit to a Sale
  2. Manually, by editing Customer details


To add Customer Credit to a Sale, first you need to Create a Sale or Edit a Sale (see the iOS tabs of How do I create a new Sale? or How do I edit a Sale?)

Customer Credit can also be added to to a Sale in the Checkout screen, see the iOS tab of How do I checkout a Reservation?

Customer Credit is added to a Sale via 'Products'

To add Customer Credit, tap + Add Product, tap Customer Credit

Enter the amount of credit to apply and tap Done

Proceed with finalising the sale as normal


To manually add Customer Credit to a Customer, simply edit the Customer details

Locate the Customer in the Customer List

Tap the Action Icon, tap Edit Customer

Enter the required amount of credit in the Credit field, then tap Save

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