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How do I store and charge customer credit cards?

It's possible to store customer's credit card details, and charge them at a later date.

Customer credit card details are stored via Stripe or Square. Please connect your Stripe or Square account first. Stripe and Square store these details in a secure vault, and they cannot be viewed by you, or by Ovatu staff. Ovatu simply sends a request to your Stripe or Square account to charge a specific card, at your request.

Card Capture Via Online Booking

To collect credit card details from customers via online booking, enable Online Payments and Card Capture which is the requirement for customers to provide their credit card details in order to secure a booking.  Card Capture is enabled via the Ovatu Web App.

  • This can be enabled globally (for all services apart from zero value services) by clicking Online Booking Settings and scrolling to the Payments section and selecting the Enable Online Payments and Enable Card Capture checkboxes and entering your card capture policy into the Card Capture Policy Content field (see: How do I take deposits and payments online?)
  • This can also be enabled or disabled for a specific service, click Manage > Services > List and then the Edit icon against the relevant service, then select the Online Payment Require Card Capture checkbox. This overrides any global Card Capture settings and will also capture card details for zero cost services

Manually Adding Credit Card Details

On the Ovatu iOS App, new cards can only be saved via Stripe. Square does not allow the saving of credit card details via iOS, this must be done via the Web App, which you can access on your iOS device by tapping on Manage > Open Web app.

To add a new card via Stripe, tap Customers, select the Customer's Name, then tap on Credit Cards in the BALANCES section


Tap on the plus '+' in the top right hand corner, then tap Store using Stripe, enter the new card details and tap Save

Charging a Saved Credit Card

Saved credit cards can be used as a payment method, when adding a payment to a sale, by simply tapping the Saved Card option:

The saved cards will display, select the card you wish to charge:

It's also possible to charge a stored credit card by clicking directly on the Stripe button (although, not Square)

This will present you with the option to either charge a stored credit card using Stripe, or charge a new credit card by entering the details.

Selecting the Remember Card? option and then tapping Charge, will charge the new card and also store the credit card details so that it can be charged again at a later date.

When a new card is added to the card capture function during the online booking process, the merchant account (Stripe or Square) validates the card information at that time. This does not guarantee that any future charges will succeed. As you can imagine credit cards can at any time have insufficient funds, be reported lost or stolen, or the account could be closed. Ovatu has no role in card validation or transactions. Square stores the card details and actions the transactions for you. If a transaction with a stored card is declined/fails, please log into your Stripe or Square account or contact them. They'll be able to let you know why the transaction failed.

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