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How do I customise my account settings?

To customise your account settings, choose Account > Settings

PLEASE NOTE: The contact details on this page are the contact details for your account with Ovatu only. The information here is not visible to your customers. Adding customer-visible contact details is done on the Online Booking > Business Info page of your account, see How do I customise my Online Booking Business Info?

Complete the required fields:

Business nameThis is the Business name that the account owner signed up with 
It can be changed here
EmailThis is the email address that the account owner signed up with
It can be changed here
This is the address that all your default Ovatu notifications are sent to. It is also the address that emails from Customers who reply to Ovatu system emails, will be forwarded to
First nameThe account owners first name
Last nameThe account owners last name
Time ZoneSelect your Time Zone from the drop down menu
It's very important to set this correctly to ensure that messages and reminders get sent at correct times
LocaleSelect your 'Locale' from the drop down menu
This affects your language, date and number formatting
TypeSelect a business type from the drop down menu
Slot SizeSelect the time increment in which availability is offered for both online bookings and also when creating bookings internally
E.g. when set to 15 minutes, availability will be offered every 15 minutes (9am, 9:15am, 9:30am, 9:45am etc.)
Schedule Display SizeSelect the time increments that show on the Bookings page, and which therefore also sets the vertical zoom on that page
E.g. when set to 15 minutes, the times appearing on the left hand side of your Bookings Screen will be 9am, 9:15am, 9:30am, 9:45am etc.
Show Prices in ScheduleSelect this checkbox to display prices on Booking Tiles on the Booking Screen
Show Current Time LineSelect this checkbox to display the horizontal redline on the Bookings Screen indicating the current time
Reservation Rate Warning ThresholdFrom the drop down menu select the % of times a Customer is recorded as a no-show or having cancelled an appointments before a warning appears next to their name
Currency SymbolEnter your currency symbol
Gift Card Expiry DaysEnter the amount of days that Gift Cards are valid for
This is a global setting
Enter '0' for no expiry
Sale Tax DetailsEnter any required Tax information to appear on Sales
AddressEnter the address of the business
CityEnter the city of the business
RegionEnter the region of the business
PostcodeEnter the postcode of the business
CountryEnter the country of the business
PhoneEnter the phone number of the business
Receipt HeaderEnter text to appear at the header of a printer receipt
Receipt FooterEnter text to appear at the footer of a printer receipt
Notes Formula TemplateEnter a template to be used when adding a formula note to a Customer file
See: How do I add Notes to a Customer file?
Logo ImageClick Browse and upload an image of your business logo
ImagesClick Browse and upload any other relevant images. These images will appear in your Gallery on your mini site.

Click Save 

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