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What happens when a New Customer makes a Reservation?

There are a number of actions completed when a new Customer is added to your account

1. The Customer provides their details

If while creating a booking online a Customer enters an email address that is not already assigned to a customer profile in your account, they will be prompted to provide their details:

You can specify which details are optional and which are required on the Online Booking > Settings page, in the Customer Registration Fields section. See How do I select the Customer Registration Fields for Online Booking?

2. Their Customer profile is created

When the booking is submitted online the system automatically creates their Customer profile in your account. You can also create a new Customer profile by manually adding the Customer. See How do I add a new Customer? 

3. Customer Welcome Email is sent

When a new Customer profile is created the system automatically send them an email containing;

  • A link to your mini-site
  • A temporary password
  • A link to change their password

Depending on the mini site Customer Section functions you've enabled, Customers may be able to log in and:

  • View and manage their Reservations and Sales
  • Create Reservations
  • Make Payments
  • Purchase Gift Cards and view balances
  • Purchase Passes and view remaining uses
  • Leave Reviews
  • View their Customer Credit balances

See How do I customise my Online Booking settings? and How do I customise my Online Booking profile?

The standard Customer Welcome Email template looks like this, however your template image and colours will be applied:

For details on how to view and edit this and any other email template, see How do I customise my email settings?

To re-send the Customer Welcome Email click Customers  List 

Click directly on the Customer name

Click the blue Actions button and select Resend Welcome Email (resets password)

4. Customer New Reservation Email is sent 

If the Customer profile was created while creating a booking, the Customer New Reservation Email will also be automatically sent. This email includes:

  • A link to Manage this Reservation
  • The Reservation details

The default Customer New Reservation template looks like this, however your template image and colours will be applied:

To re-send the Customer New Reservation email, on the Bookings page click directly on the Reservation > Emails button > Send Reservation:

PLEASE NOTE: The Customer Welcome Email and Customer New Reservation Email templates are enabled by default. They can be disabled on the Notifications > Email Settings page in the Email Sending Settings section, see the SPECIFYING WHICH SYSTEM EMAILS ARE SENT OUT section at How do I customise my email settings?

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