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How do I add a paragraph to a Form?

Adding a Paragraph to a Form, allows you to include blocks of text within the Form

It's important to note that Paragraphs are included in Forms when viewed by your Customer, however they are not included in Forms after they've been submitted and you're viewing the Form in the Customer's profile. For this reason Paragraph field types are best used for blocks of text that you don't necessarily need kept in the Form once submitted. If you'd like to include a block of text that is both shown to the Customer when they're completing the form and also kept in the form and visible in the Customer's profile, please use a 'Section' field type.

To add a Paragraph to your Form, follow the instructions for creating a Form, and click +Add Item 

Choose Paragraph from the Type field

Enter the Name and Content of the Paragraph

Click Save

The Paragraph, will appear in your list of items:

In the Form preview  the Paragraph will simply appear as a block of text:

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