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Basic Setup (I mainly book appointments)

Welcome to Ovatu, we are thrilled to have you on board!

To help you get your brand new Ovatu account up and running with appointments, we've put together this simple guide.


1. Add your Employee/s

First up, you need to add in your Employees

Here's how you add a new Employee: How do I add a new Employee?

For more information about employees, browse the Employees topic

2. Add your Service/s

Once you have your Employee's, add in your Services, for example 'Haircut', 'Massage' or 'Treatment'

Here's how you add a new Service: How do I add a new Service?

Here's how to set which Employees can perform which Services: How do I set which Employees can perform which Services?

For more information about Services, browse the Services topic

3. Set the Roster

When do your Employees work?

Here's how to set the Roster: How do I setup the Roster?

For more information about Rostering, browse the Roster topic

4. Start creating Reservations!

You're ready to schedule appointments now!

Here's how to create a Reservation: How do I create a new Reservation?

For more information about Reservations, browse the Reservations topic

5. Process your Sales!

Once your Customer has completed their appointment, you're ready to process their Sale

Here's how to create a Sale: How do I create a new Sale?

For more information about Sales, browse the Sales topic


1. Do you sell any Products?

Here's how to add a new Product: How do I add a new Product?

For more information about Products, browse the Products topic

2. Do you include Taxes in your Services or Products?

Here's how to add a new Tax: How do I add a new Tax?

Here's how to add it to a Service: How do I add/remove a Tax to/from a Service?

3. Do your Customers need to complete any Forms?

Here's how to add a new Form: How do I create a new Form?

For more information about Forms, browse the Forms topic

4. Do you sell Gift Cards?

Here's how to add a new Gift Card: How do I sell a Gift Card?

For more information about Gift Cards, browse the Gift Cards topic

5. Do you sell Passes?

Here's how to add a new pass: How do I sell a Pass?

For more information about Passes, browse the Passes topic

6. Have you got any Resources, such as rooms?

Here's how to add a new Resource: How do I add a new Resource?

For more information about Resources, browse the Resources topic

7. Would you like to take Online Bookings?

The fun part is using your Ovatu mini-site or widget to allow your Customers to make Online Bookings!

Here's how to enable Online Booking: How do I enable the Mini-Site and Booking Bot

For more information about Online Booking, browse the Online Booking topic

8. How about Employee logins and permissions?

Here's where to find an Employee's login details: Where do I find an Employee’s login details?

Here's how to set Employee permissions: How do I set Employee permissions?

And that's a wrap! There are many other things you can do with Ovatu, please feel free to browse and search our Help Guides for any questions you may have!

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