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How do I upgrade to an account from the free Ovatu App?

We're thrilled that you're ready to upgrade from your FREE Ovatu iOS App to a Pro account!

Here's how to do it without losing your data!

Step 1 - Backup your data

Open the Ovatu app you've been using and tap on Manage > Backup Data File > OK

Then tap on Email Data File, enter your email address in the To field and email the data file to yourself.

Step 2 - Start Pro trial account

Visit the Ovatu Website to sign up for a FREE trial account:

  • Click on one of the buttons to open a trial account such as 
  • Complete the required fields and click SIGN UP
  • Your Pro account location ID and password will be sent to the email address you entered during this sign up process


We need your account to remain empty, so we can upload the data on your device to your new Pro account

Step 3 - Upload your data to your Pro account

Open the Ovatu app on your iOS device 

  • Tap either Login from the Manage tab, or Login to Pro in the bottom left corner of the screen (iPad only)
  • Tap Account: Upload Data
  • Enter your Location ID and Password
  • Your existing data will be uploaded to your new account

Voila and Welcome!!

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