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How do I sell Gift Cards online?

You can sell Gift Cards online:

Passes can also be giftable. When this is done the Pass shows on the Gift Card page on your mini-site and Gift Card website Widget (if you have inserted that Widget into your business website)

When a Gift Card is sold online the purchaser provides their own name, email address, message to the recipient (included in the Gift Card email to the recipient), delivery date (The date the Gift Card email is to be sent to the recipient) and also the recipient's name and email address:

The system then works as below;

  1. The system automatically emails a receipt for the Gift Card purchase to the purchaser, and also emails the Gift Card to the recipient (on the selected date) asking them to 'claim' the gift card
  2. The Gift Card is noted on the Manage > Gift Cards page with an 'Unclaimed' tag and the recipients name and email address is noted. As the gift card is currently unclaimed, it is not automatically applied to the recipient's Customer profile. This complies with privacy regulations around the world.
  3. The recipient clicks on the link in the Gift Card email to 'claim' the Gift Card. The Gift Card is then applied to the Customer's profile and the 'Unclaimed' tag is removed on the Manage > Gift Cards page. To manually apply the Gift Card to the recipient click on the View/Edit button for the Gift Card and use the Customer field to search for and select the Customer. Then Save that change.

To enable online Gift Card sales, choose Online Booking > Tabs

Scroll down to the Gift Cards section:

Gift Card Tab EnabledSelect this checkbox to show the Gift Card tab on your mini site and enable Gift Card sales on your website Gift Card Widget and website Booking Bot
Gift Card Tab NameEnter the name of the Gift Card Tab, e.g. 'Buy Gift Card'
Gift Card Tab InformationAdd a short note explaining the tab. E.g. "Got someone special you want to WOW? Our gift cards will make them blush". This note appears in the booking bot when opened on your website.
Gift Card Terms Require AgreementSelecting this checkbox activates the Gift Cards terms function. This includes the below 3 settings and a checkbox the Gift Card purchaser is required to select, which confirms they agree with your terms and allows them to proceed with the purchase.
Gift Card Terms TitleAdd a title to your Gift Card terms, e.g. 'Gift Card Terms'
Gift Card Terms ContentAdd your Gift Card terms and conditions
Gift Card Terms Accept LabelAdd a label to your Gift Card terms acceptance checkbox, e.g. 'I agree to the Gift Card terms'
Gift Card Expiry DaysEnter the number of days before the purchased Gift Card expires. e.g. '365' for a year
Preset Gift Card AmountsTo offer preset Gift Card amounts, add the preset values one underneath the other, one amount per line. Each preset amount is offered on the Gift Card page and the purchaser can also set a custom amount.
Gift Card ImageClick on the Select File button to upload the Gift Card image that is preselected. To upload an image select the image, then click on Save. The image will then show in the image section. To delete an image click the cross icon in the top right corner in it
Additional Gift Card ImagesClick on the Select File button to upload additional Gift Card images for the purchaser to select from. To upload an image select the image, then click on Save. The image will then show in the image section. To delete an image click the cross icon in the top right corner in it

Click Save  

Once enabled, the Gift Card tab will display on your mini-site:

Please note, Online Payments needs to be enabled first. See How do I take deposits and payments online?

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