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How do I connect my Star mPOP unit?

The Star mPOP unit is a combined till drawer and receipt printer, with an optional barcode scanner accessory. It can be purchased via multiple retailers. 

The Star mPOP unit is compatible with iOS and Android devices. This post contains instructions for connection via your iOS device. 

  1. Pair your Star mPOP unit with your iOS device
  2. Connect your Star mPOP unit with Ovatu

Pair your Star mPOP unit with your iOS device

To pair your Start mPOP unit with your iOS device, follow the instructions on the Star Website.

Connect your Star mPOP unit with Ovatu

To connect your Star mPOP card unit, tap the Manage tab, scroll to the Point of Sale section and tap on Printers:

Tap on your unit in the Printers section (this can take a few moments to appear), then select mPOP from the list of models, a green tick will appear.

Select your required options in the Settings section:

  • Cash Drawer - select this to use the till drawer
  • Open Drawer after Payment- select this to open the till drawer after each completed payment
  • Barcode Reader - select this if you have a barcode scanner attached to your mPOP unit

The barcode scanner can be used when creating a new Product, and when adding a Product to a Sale.

Now, when using the Print Sale option with a Sale in your iOS Ovatu App, the Sale will be printed via your Star mPOP unit:

Each time you close a Sale in your Ovatu iOS App, you will be presented with the following options:

  • Print Receipt - select this to print a receipt when Sale is closed
  • Open Cash Drawer - select this to open the cash drawer when the Sale is closed

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