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How do I add the 'Book Now' button to Facebook and Instagram?

You can connect your Ovatu mini-site to your Facebook and Instagram business account by creating a 'Book Now' button.

Clicking/tapping on the 'Book Now' button opens your mini site in a new browser tab. Facebook and Instagram cannot read any customer details passed to them via the online booking integration. In order for this integration to work, when a customer creates a booking on your mini site as a result of linking through from your Facebook or Instagram page, their name and email address is provided to Facebook/Instagram. However that data is encrypted and Facebook/Instagram can't read it at all. Facebook receives a string of hashtags instead of the actual customer details, which helps their Pixel analytics feature to work.

To add the 'Book Now' button to Facebook and Instagram, please first ensure you have your mini-site enabled, and the Book Tab Enabled checkbox on the Online Booking > Tabs page is selected.

There are 3 areas where you can access the 'Book Now' button connection:

1. On your Facebook Business Page, in the top right. Click +Add a button

2. On your Facebook Business Page, in the left hand menu. Click Business Apps

3. In your Ovatu account, click Integration > Apps then locate Facebook Business and click Connect

Method 1 - 'Add a Button'

Click Add a button in the top right of your Facebook Business Page.

Select the Book now option from the drop down menu:

Select Connect Another Tool:

From the list, select Ovatu:

Select Continue and follow the prompts to Log into your Ovatu account:

Select your:

  1. Business Manager Account
  2. Instagram Profile
  3. Ad Account
  4. Pixel

(If you do not have any of these, Facebook will prompt your to set them up)

Then click Continue

Click Continue to confirm linking:

Please wait a few seconds while the setup completes :)

Method 2 - 'Business Apps'

From the left hand menu on your Facebook Business Page, select Business Apps.

In the Appointments Section, click See All:

Select Ovatu from the options, by clicking Connect:

Continue to follow the prompts as per Method 1.

Method 3 - Ovatu Integrations Page

Log into your Ovatu account via the Web App and click Integration > Apps, locate the Facebook Business tile and click Connect:

Confirm your Facebook profile and then follow the prompts as per Methods 1&2 to link your account:

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