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How do I connect my Sum Up card reader?

The Sum Up card reader integration is compatible with iOS only (Android integration is coming soon!). However, the connection can be carried out either in your iOS App or in your Web App. 

This article explains how to connect your Sum Up account via the Web App. Once this is done, you can use the Sum Up card reader to take payments with your Ovatu iOS App.

To connect your Sum Up account, choose Integration > Apps

Locate the Sum Up tile:

Click Connect 

Log into your Sum Up account (or create an account):

Your Sum Up account is now connected, and will appear as connected on the Sum Up tile:

To disconnect your Sum Up account, click Disconnect 
To set your currency, click Options 

You are now able to take payment using your SumUp card reader via Ovatu iOS App. In the Sale in the iOS app, SumUp will now appear for you as a payment method at the point of Sale, and payments made via this method will go to your SumUp account. To take a payment, open the the Sale in the Ovatu iOS app, enter the required amount and tap SumUp:

Please note that the first time Sum Up is selected as a payment method within a Sale on the iOS app, you will be prompted to pair your card reader with your iOS device (please tap the question mark in the top corner):

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