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How do I send an email marketing campaign?

The first step to sending a mass email is to identify who you'd like to send it to. You have two options to do this:

  • If you'd like to send the mass email to a specific list of recipients using multiple filters you can do so on the Customers > List page by first filtering your Customer list there. See How do I filter the Customer list? Once you've filtered the Customer list, click on the all text at the top of the left hand column to select the Customers in the filtered list, then scroll to the bottom and click on the Send Email button. That will open the Marketing > Mass Email page where you can create your email without filtering further and continue as normal.
  • You can send a mass email campaign to all Customers, or filter the recipient list to select Customers who have had Reservations with a specific Employee, or for a specific Service by opening the Marketing > Mass Email page. Select no filters to send the mass email to all Customers:

Enter the Subject of the email, as well as the email Body

A list of placeholders is available, to the right of the screen, insert these directly into your email body, to customise your email for each recipient.

Selecting Respect Mass Email Unsubscription, ensure that recipients who have unsubscribed from your mailing list are not emailed. Unsubscribed customers can be viewed using the Unsubscribed Customers list on the right of the screen.

There are two ways to add images into an email template. Most of our customers get the best results using the Image URL method. To do this please;

  1. Save the image to an image storing direct URL service. There are many of these online. We do not recommend any in particular as they all have their own terms and features, however some examples are imgbbimgbox and imgur. It is possible to get a sharing link for images stored in Google Drive and the use this website to convert that sharing link to a direct URL link (which is what's needed to add to the Image URL field in Ovatu). In Microsoft OneDrive you can use the 'Embed' link.
  2. Copy the direct link URL for the image. The process to do this depends on which storage drive you use. 
  3. In the template editor click on the Picture button and add the direct URL into the Image URL field. Then click on the Insert Image button.

This method pulls the image directly from the online storage service and displays it in the email, instead of embedding it in the email. This can result in the image displaying better in the receivers email account.

The second method is to upload the image into Ovatu and insert it into the template. To do this click on  +Upload Attachments... 

Place your cursor at the spot in the email you'd like to place the image and click the [+] icon 

To resize the image click on it and drag the bottom right corner to the desired size, or select from one of the resize options

To send yourself a preview of the email (to the email address of the user who is currently logged in), click Send Email Preview 

When you are ready to send the full campaign, click Send 

A confirmation screen will appear

The Analytics Enabled checkbox allows Ovatu to create a campaign report for you, see How do I view my previous marketing campaign statistics?

Click Confirm Send to finalise the campaign 

Mass email recipients can only see their own email address. They can not see the email address, or any other information for any other recipients.

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