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How do I view my SMS usage and purchase SMS credits?

Each Ovatu plan, has a set amount of SMS credits included in the monthly subscription. Once these credits are used, additional credits need to be purchased in order to continue to send SMSs

To view your SMS usage and purchase SMS credits, choose Notifications > SMS Settings and scroll down a little to view your usage information

Statistics based on the current calendar month:

Averages based on the previous rolling months usage:

If you require additional SMS credits, there are two options:

  1. Purchase a fixed amount of SMS credits
  2. Set up auto-top up of SMS credits


To purchase a fixed amount of SMS credits, click Purchase  

Select the amount you wish to purchase form the drop down menu

Click Buy credits  

Please note: Credits will be purchased using your subscription payment method.


To set up auto-top up of SMS credits, click Auto Top-up Settings  

Complete the following fields:

Auto Top-up EnabledSelect this checkbox to enable auto top up
Extra Credit LimitFrom the drop down menu select the level to which your extra sms credit drop to, before more credits are automatically purchased
Refill AmountFrom the drop down menu select amount of credits which are automatically purchased when the Extra Credit Limit is reached

Click Save 

Please note: Credits will be purchased using your subscription payment method.

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