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How do I add my mini-site as a shortcut icon to my iOS device?

It is possible to add a shortcut icon to your iPhone or iPad home screen so that it displays and opens like an app

To do so, first ensure you have added an Online Icon Image to your mini-site custom settings. The image you add here will be the app icon on your device's home screen. 

Go to the Online Booking > > Customise Site page

In the Upload your logo section, click on the Select File... button next to Online Icon Image, then follow the prompts to add your image


See How do I customise my mini-site? for more information on customising your mini-site

Then open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and go to your mini-site

You can locate your mini-site URL via the web app by clicking Online Booking > > Visit your Site. The URL will display in the browser bar.

When you have your mini-site open in Safari on your device, tap the Action icon in the bottom tool bar

Scroll up through the list of options and tap Add to Home Screen

Tap Add

The Online Icon Image will display on your home screen the same as your other apps. Tap on it to open your mini-site like an app.

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