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How do I customise my Online Booking settings?

This is where you customise your Online Booking terms, preferences, payment and new Customer registration settings

Click Online Booking > Settings

Customise the settings for a section, then click Save 


Require Agreement to Booking TermsSelect this checkbox to require the Customer to agree to your Booking Terms
Booking Terms TitleEnter the title (heading) of your Booking Terms, e.g. 'Booking Terms'
Booking Terms ContentEnter your Booking Terms
Booking Terms Accept LabelEnter the label for the Booking Terms acceptance checkbox, e.g. 'I accept the Booking terms'


Show Service PricesTick this checkbox to display Service prices for online bookings
Allow WaitlistTick the checkbox to allow Customers to add themselves to your waitlist
Waitlist ModeIf Waitlist is enabled in the above checkbox, select a notification mode from the below.

If a waitlisted time slot becomes available, the status on the waitlist within the Web App and on the Mini-Site will change to Available, and the following parties will be alerted:

None - No notifications are sent to the business or the customer
Manually Notify Customers (internal notification) - An internal alert will notify the business, an option will appear to manually notify the customer.
Automatically Notify Customers - 
The customer will automatically be notified via email with the option to book the appointment.

For more information please see: How do I use the Waitlist?
Booking ThresholdFrom the drop down menu select the time period before which the first availability is offered
Booking Future LimitFrom the drop down menu select how far into the future availability is offered
Allow New RegistrationsSelect this checkbox to allow new Customers to register and book online

Allow for Customers
All customers unless disabled in a segment:
This is the default setting and allows ALL Customers to book online, unless they're in a Customer Segment that has online booking is disabled, or online booking is disabled in their Customer profile

No customers unless enabled in a segment:
ONLY allows Customers to book online if they're in a Customer Segment that allows online booking

See How do I create a Customer Segment?
Allow Multi ServiceSelect this checkbox to allow Customers to book multiple Services in one Reservation
Allow Wait Time in AppointmentsSelect this checkbox to allow multi Service Reservations with a wait time between Services
Deselect to only show multi Service Reservations without wait times between Services

Allow Employee Selection
Not Allowed (default first available) - the Customer can't select an Employee, the system will randomly assign any of the available Employees

Allow Employee Selection - the Customer can select from any of the enabled Employees, or select 'First Available', which is selected by default. Only the Employee name is provided, no additional information.

Expanded Employee Selection - the Customer can select from any of the enabled Employees, or select 'First Available'. The Employee's name and bio is displayed in an expanded Employee section.
Allow Customer Self-cancelSelect this checkbox to allow Customers to cancel their own bookings online
Customer Self-cancel WindowEnter the minimum number of hours before a booking a customer can cancel it online. E.g. enter '24' to not allow Customers to cancel within 24 hours of the booking time.
Customer Self-cancel NoticeText entered here will be shown to a customer upon cancelling a reservation online, prior to confirmation. 
If left blank, the following default text will be displayed: “Are you sure you want to cancel this appointment?”
Allow Customer Self-MoveSelect this checkbox to allow Customers to move bookings online
Customer Self-move WindowEnter the minimum number of hours before a booking, a customer can move it online. E.g. enter '24' to not allow Customers to move within 24 hours of the booking time.
Analytics Conversion CodeAdd the analytics code from your analytics system, such as Google Analytics.
Only confirmed bookings are tracked. No other individual clicks or events are tracked.
Enable Ovatu YouSelect this checkbox to show your business in the Ovatu You app


EnabledSelect this checkbox to enable gap minimisation for all Employees, reflecting below settings
Show first available appointmentSelect this checkbox to display the first appointment time of the day, as per the hours set in the roster
Show last available appointmentSelect this checkbox to display the last appointment time of the day, as per the hours set in the roster
Show availability before and after appointments / breaksSelect this checkbox to show appointment times which join up with the start and end times of all existing breaks and appointments
Show availability leaving minimum gaps time (minutes)You can set a minimum gap time between bookings by entering the minimum number of minutes the gap should be before or after any existing break and appointment.
E.g. enter 60 to allow the smallest gap left before or after any appointment or break to be 60 minutes.

Please Note:
This setting overrides all other settings in this Minimise Gaps section, so if a time is set in this field all availability will show with at least the minimum gap period between times being offered

If you would like to force a gap for all bookings this can be done with the Buffer Time feature
Show all availability for empty daySelect this checkbox to display all availability in the event that an Employee does not already have any appointments on a given date. ie if the day is empty, all available time slots will display, once one appointment is created, further availability will display as per above settings.

Click Save once you've completed your selections

It is also possible to override these global (all Employees) setting and customise them per Employee. Please see How do I minimise gaps for online Bookings?


Enable Online PaymentsSelect this checkbox to accept payments online
DepositThis field allows you to require a deposit for online bookings
Enter the deposit amount and use the buttons at the start and end of the field to select if the deposit is a fixed currency amount ($) per service, or a percentage (%) of the total booking
If no deposit is required, enter 0 or leave this field blank
To override this for specific Services, see How do I add a new Service?
Allow Pay in Full OptionSelect this checkbox to give Customers the option to pay in full
Selecting this option will also enable the Allow Pay Later Option
Allow Pay Later OptionSelect this checkbox to give Customers the option of not paying at the time of booking online
Deposit Policy ContentEnter your online deposit policy information
To include the calculated deposit amount in your message, use the placeholders: {amount} or {percentage}
If left blank, a default message will show
Enable Card CaptureSelect this checkbox to capture Customer credit card details when they book online
This applies to all Services apart from 0 value services. It is possible to leave this unselected and enable Card Capture for specific services only, see How do I add a new Service?
Please note: Card Capture is only available via Stripe and Square, so one of these accounts must be connected to Ovatu and enabled for online payments
Card Capture Policy ContentEnter your card capture policy information
If left blank, a default message will show
Enable Payment Remainder RequestSelect this checkbox to include an option in emails to the Customer, for them to pay any unpaid amount noted in the Sale
Payment Processor OrderIf you have multiple payment processors connected, you can select the order in which they are displayed by holding down the  icon and dragging and dropping the payment processor up or down the list.


This section includes a list of all default registration fields, as well as any Customer Custom Fields you may have added. See How do I add a Custom Field to Customers?

Select or deselect each checkbox against each field to specify:

ShowSelect this to display this field, Customers will have the option to complete it
PrimarySelect this to make the field appear on the screen by default, deselect to make the field appear only after the 'More' button has been clicked
RequiredSelect this to make the field a required field, the Customer will not be able to proceed if they do not Complete this field

Please note: If you set a field to 'Required', meaning it must be answered, also set it to 'Primary' so it shows by default

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