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How do I customise the look of my email templates?

Your customer email templates mirror your customised theme settings, so please ensure your mini-site is enabled before proceeding

To edit the text in your email templates please see How do I customise my email settings?

To customise your email templates, please click Online Booking > 

To completely change the theme of your site and email templates click Change theme, but for settings specific to the email templates only, click Customise site:

The first option is to change your Logo (reflected on site and email templates):

The second option is to change your Hero Image (reflected on site and email templates):

The third option is to the change your Action Button colours (reflected on site and email templates)

This is the clickable button on your site and emails and looks like this: 

Please enter a hex code for the button colour and the text colour, then click Save:

The fourth option allows you to customise how you would like your email header to look (this option is reflected on email templates only):

Show Hero in Email Header
This selection will display your hero image in the header of your email.
Email Header BackgroundIf you choose to not to display the hero image, you may use this option to nominate a background colour instead (please enter a hex code)

Click Save when finished.

Please note that for some users (early adopters of it will be necessary to click this button in order for the Email Settings options to appear: 

Please Note: To ensure your theme is added to your emails please;

  1. Go to the the Notifications > Email Settings page
  2. If the green Override button is showing for your Master Email Template, no further action is required, as the new template is automatically applied
  3. If the red Revert button is showing for your Master Email Template, click on that Revert button. Once the page has reloaded click on the green Override button that appears for that template. This will then show the Edit Template page, click on the Save button on that page. The Master Email template will then again show the Edit, Disable and Revert buttons as before. The system will then apply the theme into your template and also keep the other changes you've made to this template.

Below is are some examples of how the same theme can appear in the email templates based on the various header options.

Hero image with logo

No hero image with logo:

No hero image without logo:

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