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How do I take deposits and payments online?

You can accept deposits and payments online by connecting one or more of your Stripe, Square and PayPal accounts to Ovatu

How do I connect Online Booking with my PayPal account?

How do I connect Online Booking with my Stripe account?

How do I connect my Square account?

To take deposits when a customer is creating a Booking online, please ensure Online Bookings is enabled. See How do I Customise my Online Booking tabs?

To customise your Online Payment settings choose Online Booking > Settings and scroll down to the Payments section

Complete the following fields:

Enable Online PaymentsSelect this checkbox to accept payments online
DepositThis field allows you to require a deposit for online bookings Enter the deposit amount and use the buttons at the start and end of the field to select if the deposit is a fixed currency amount ($) per service, or a percentage (%) of the total booking If no deposit is required, enter 0 or leave this field blank To override this for specific Services, see How do I add a new Service?
Allow Pay in Full OptionSelect this checkbox to give Customers the option to pay in full Selecting this option will also enable the Allow Pay Later Option
Allow Pay Later OptionSelect this checkbox to give Customers the option of not paying at the time of booking online
Deposit Policy ContentEnter your online deposit policy information To include the calculated deposit amount in your message, use the placeholders: {amount} or {percentage} If left blank, a default message will show
Enable Card CaptureSelect this checkbox to capture Customer credit card details when they book online This applies to all Services apart from 0 value services. It is possible to leave this unselected and enable Card Capture for specific services only, see How do I add a new Service? Please note: Card Capture is only available via Stripe and Square, so one of these accounts must be connected to Ovatu and enabled for online payments
Card Capture Policy ContentEnter your card capture policy information If left blank, a default message will show
Enable Payment Remainder RequestSelect this checkbox to include an option in emails to the Customer, for them to pay any unpaid amount noted in the Sale
Payment Processor OrderIf you have multiple payment processors connected, you can select the order in which they are displayed by holding down the  icon and dragging and dropping the payment processor up or down the list.

Click Save  

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