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iOS Reporting

The iOS Reporting feature contains all data based on the Sales and Reservations in your system. This data can be filtered in a variety of ways.

To access your Reports from the Manage Screen, tap Reporting

Use the Calendar and the DATE RANGE filter to select the reporting period:

You can further filter your report using the option on the left-hand side of the screen:

You can Filter your results by using the following options:

  • Employee Filter - If an Employee is selected, you may also choose to select the Sale or Item option (see below for explanation)
  • Filter by Employees - Select an Employee from the available list to narrow down the report for a particular Employee
  • Filter by Services - Select 'All Services' to include all Services in the report
  • Service - Select a Service from the available list to narrow down the report for a particular Service

In the EMPLOYEE FILTER section, you may select:

  • Sale to filter the data by which Employee the WHOLE sale is attributed to;
  • Item to filter the data by the individual items within the sale, according to which Employee they are attributed to

A tick will appear next to your Filter selections

Tap Update to apply your Filter(s)

Your Report is divided into sections (Reservations, Sales, Breakdown)

The RESERVATIONS Section displays the following data:


  • Total - The number of Reservations made. This figure includes no-shows and Reservations without Sales attached to them. It does not include cancelled or deleted reservations
  • Revenue - The total of all the Reservation prices
  • Unique Customers - the number of customers with Reservations


  • Total - The number of Group Reservations made
  • Revenue - The total of all of the prices of Group Reservations
  • Unique Customers - The number of Customers with Group Reservations

The SALES Section displays the following data:


  • Total Sales - The number of Sales
  • Total Revenue - The sum of all Sales amounts, whether a payment has been made or not
  • Total Revenue (less credits) - The 'Total Revenue' amount minus any payments made with credited revenue (Gift Cards, Customer Credit, Loyalty Points)
  • Total Reservation Revenue - Total revenue derived from Reservations
  • Total Product Revenue - Total revenue derived from Product sales
  • Total Charges Revenue - Total revenue derived from Charges
  • Total Discounts - Total discounted amount (all discounts, including Vouchers)
  • Total Payments - Total of all payments
  • Total Payments (Credits) - Total of all Payments made with Gift Cards, Customer Credit and Loyalty Points
  • Total Tax - Total tax calculated
  • Total Remainder (unpaid) - Total outstanding amount for Sales within the specified time period i.e. Total Revenue minus Total Payments
  • Unique Customers - the number of unique Customers
  • Loyalty Points Earned - Total of Loyalty Points earned
  • Loyalty Points Spent - Total amount of Loyalty Points used as payments

The BREAKDOWN Section displays Sales data broken down by:

  • Services - A breakdown of all revenue generated by each Service
  • Services by Employee - A breakdown of all Service revenue generated by each Employee
  • Services by Category - A breakdown of all Service revenue generated by each Category
  • Products - A breakdown of all revenue generated by each Product
  • Products by Category - A breakdown of all Product revenue generated by each Category
  • Passes - A breakdown of all revenue generated by each Pass
  • Products by Employee - A breakdown of all Product revenue generated by each Employee
  • Payments - A breakdown of Payment methods
  • Taxes - A breakdown of all Tax calculated

You can Email and/or Print your Report by tapping on the Action Icon

For a more extensive and detailed presentation of your Revenue data, we recommend using the Reports function via your Web App. 

You can access the Reports function in the web app through your iOS device by tapping on Manage > Open Web app > Menu icon > Reports (see Reports)

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