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How do I add a new Service?

To add a new Service, choose Manage > Services > List

Click Add Service 

Complete the required fields in the Service tab:

TitleEnter the title of the Service
ColourSelect a colour for this Service
This colour will appear on the Bookings screen when Reservations are created for this Service
InformationEnter any additional information
This information will be displayed alongside this Service, during Online Booking
CategorySelect a Service Category from the drop down menu
Please note: Service Categories must be created first, see How do I add a Service Category?
PriceEnter the price of the Service
Select the 'From' checkbox to list this price as 'Prices From:' during Online Booking
For information about updating the price of an existing Service, see How do I update the price of a Service?
Cost PriceEnter the cost price of this Service, for reporting purposes
DurationEnter the duration of the Service
ProcessingEnter the Processing time, if required
ie the idle time, when the employee is free to attend to another Customer
See What is ‘Processing’ and ‘Finishing’ time?
FinishingEnter the Finishing time, if required
ie the time when the employee needs to return to complete the Service
See What is ‘Processing’ and ‘Finishing’ time?
Customer Time ModeThe Customer Time mode allows you to select which times (Duration, Processing & Finishing) are displayed to the Customer. Select from:
- Duration + Processing + Finishing times
- Duration time only
- Duration + Processing times only
eg, if Duration is 15, Processing is 30, and Finishing is 15, but Customer Time Mode is Duration + Processing times only, the Reservation will appear to the Customer as a 45 minute Reservation, but internally, it will be scheduled for 60 minutes.
You can set any field to "0" if you don't need a time for that field. 
Allow InternetSelect this checkbox to allow this Service to be booked online
Online Payment Deposit OverrideHere, you can override any global online deposit payment settings (see Online Booking)
Specify a required deposit, for Online Booking just for this specific Service
Enter the deposit amount as select if this is a fixed amount ($) or percentage (%)
Online Payment Require Card CaptureThis checkbox allows you to to enable or disable card capture for specific services.
While there is a global setting to enable card capture (in the online booking payment settings), this can be changed for specific services here by editing service details.
Customer TypeSelect from the drop down menu:
Single - Single Services are Appointments
Group - Group Services are Classes
Max CustomersIf you've chosen Group in the 'Customer Type' field, enter the maximum number of customers allowed to book into this Group Service

Click Save

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