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How do I override the settings of a specific Employee/Service combination?

To allow you lots of flexibility around appointment availability, pricing and timing, Ovatu allows you to override the default settings for specific Employee/Service combinations. This means that you can customise scenarios such as:

  • Some Employees can perform some Services but not others
  • Some Services are only available on certain days of the week
  • Service prices vary for different Employees
  • Service timings vary for different Employees
  • An Employee may be available to perform a certain service, but not online

Overriding the settings of a specific Employee/Service combination can be done from two places:

  1. Service Settings 
  2. Employee Settings


Choose Manage > Services > List, click the Edit icon, click Employees tab


Choose Manage > Employees > List, click the Edit icon, click Services tab

EnabledSelect this checkbox for indicate if this Employee is available to perform this Service
Limit DaysTo limit which days of the week a specific Employee is available to perform a specific Service, click Limit Days and select the days on which this this Service, with this Employee can be performed.
PriceEnter a new Price, if you'd like to override the default Service price for a specific Employee
Duration / Processing Time / Finishing TimeEnter a new Duration / Processing Time / Finishing Time, to override the default Service timing for a specific Employee. See What is ‘Processing’ and ‘Finishing’ time?
OnlineUse this checkbox to override Online Booking options for this Employee/Service combination ie Jenny Jones performs Massages Jenny Jones is bookable online Massages are bookable online. But here, we can deselect the checkbox to make Massages with Jenny Jones NOT bookable online

Click Save

Please note: Any changes made here affect the Employee/Service only. The default values for each Service and Employee remain as per default settings.

To remove an override, delete the override amount in the field and save the change. The default amount will then apply.

For information of setting which Employee can perform which Services, see: How do I set which Employees can perform which Services?

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