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What is Group Service?

A Group Service is a Service which allows multiple Customers to book in, for example a fitness class or a lesson. Once a Group Service has been created you can schedule it on the Bookings page and then you and your Customers can then book into it.

To add a Group Service, follow the instructions for adding a new Service

From the Customer Type field, choose Group

In the Max Customer field, enter the maximum number of Customers that can book into this Group Service

Click Save

You can schedule Group/Class Reservations to the Daily or Weekly tab on the Bookings page and then set them to be a one off, or recurring with an end date. Alternatively you can schedule Group/Class Reservations on the Timetable tab, which creates weekly recurring classes at the same time each week without an end date.

Group Services can be used to:

To book Customer in to a Group Reservation see How do I book Customers into a Class Reservation?

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